The Rapaport Pledge for Ethical Jewelry is part of a global campaign to eliminate unethical activity and human rights violations in the jewelry trade supply chain. We at VomDiam, supplier of diamonds, pledge ourselves to:

  1. Commit - Take responsibility for the legitimacy of the products we buy and sell.
  2. Investigate - Proactively and reasonably investigate our supply chain, or ask if they have investigated their supply chain.
  3. Know your goods - Refuse to buy or sell products we know or have reason to know have been involved in unethical activity.
  4. Take a stand - Require our suppliers to provide a written statement affirming that they have reasonably investigated the supply chain of the products they sell.

We define “ethical jewelry” as jewelry that has not been involved in human rights abuses, labor violations, civil conflict, or sanctions at any point along the supply chain. Until now, there has been no simple way for consumers or jewelers to really know what products they are buying or selling. By taking the Pledge for Ethical Jewelry, we are taking the first step in the right direction. We are taking charge of our own purchases and playing an integral part in creating a more ethical supply chain for us, our clients and for the entire jewelry trade.

Now is the time to create a brighter future for the jewelry industry and the people affected by it around the world.


Ethical Jewelry Pledge


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